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FOMAPAN R is a panchromatic sensitized black-and-white reversal film intended for taking black-and-white transparencies and/or making movies. From the shape of the characteristic curve it is evident that the film is characterized by very good differentiation of fine gray shades both in areas of highlights and shadows.

In the areas of normal exposures, the linear part of the characteristic curve shows the gradation of 1,1.The spectral sensitisation of FOMAPAN R is designed to give faithful transfer of colour tones into gray scale when exposed in daylight, and simultaneously makes full use of the film speed when exposed in artificial light.Due to a very efficient antihaltion layer situated between the base and emulsion layers, the film features very good resolving power and high contour sharpness.The antihalation layer will decolorize during processing.

Cine formats available include Standard 8, with the traditional 2x10m/ 2x33 feet length on a daylight loading spool. The 16mm film is run twice through the camera, slit down to 8mm & joined after processing. Also available in 16mm, a 100' load on a daylight loading spool, single perforated.

For all Double-Super-8mm cine-film cameras with film reels (that is, not super-8 cameras).100 ASA panchromatic film. All Fomapan 100 R films can be developed as a direct-positive. This film is newly developed by Foma and is of excellent quality. The film base and all film characteristics are equal to those of the "big yellow" competitor.

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