Fomabrom Variant 112 FB Semi Matt Paper

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Foma's Fomabrom Variant 112 Matt Paper is a double weight fiber based paper for creating traditional B/W prints. Featuring a matte finish, Variant 112 paper produces a print that is easy to visually digest in any light. Whites and shadows are firmly set in the frame giving the photo a quiet yet strong and solid feel.
This paper is meant to be processed in standard B/W chemicals and can be printed with yellow and magenta colored filters for desired effect.

  • Variable contrast
  • Neutral tone
  • Double weight
  • Fiber base
  • Process in standard B/W chemicals

The use of yellow and magenta colored filters permits selection of the desired contrast from a range of grades similar to that of graded papers Use with Ilford Multigrade Kodak Polycontrast or with enlargers the utilize a variable contrast or dichro color head.

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