Fomatol LQN Paper Developer 250ml

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FOMATOL LQN is one-part liquid concentrate to prepare normal-working developer, intended for both the manual and automatic processing of all types of black and white photographic papers. The concentrate is supplied in PE-bottles of 250 ml for use is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:7 and 1:4 ratio respectively. FOMATOL Paper Developer Specifications: Volume: PE-bottle of 250ml. Usage: Manual and automatic processing of all sorts of black-and-white photographic papers. Dilution: Manual processing: 1 part of concentrate + 7 parts of water. Automatic processing 1 part of concentrate + 4 parts of water. Developing capacity: 1 litre of ready-to-use developer (dilution 1 + 7) is sufficient to develop 1,5m2 and 3m2 of photo paper on baryta and resin-coated paper base (RC) respectively.   Recommended replenishment rate for the automatic processing: 200 ml of ready-to-use developer (dilution 1 + 4) per 1m2 of photo paper.

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